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Are you starting a business?

Look Professional from the start!

The Business Starter Pack is a product designed especially for any business looking for a coordinated approach to establishing their branding and to secure an online presence that represents their business in a professional manner.  All the integral parts have been included to help businesses get the right “look” and the right tools, without the big price tag.

The Business Starter Pack

Business Starter Pack provides an all-inclusive solution for giving your business a professional image from the outset.

  • Establish and define a professional brand for your business
  • Provide the tools for promoting your business offline/online
  • Portray to the right image to attract the right customers

This all-in-one product makes it easy for you to achieve a competitive and professional image without a huge financial set-back.

This Business Starter Pack will supply you with:

  • A custom designed logo for your business
  • Business cards designed with your new logo
  • Business cards printed and delivered to your door
  • Business website with your branding and content
  • The ability to manage your online presence, ongoing


Full list of inclusions